Manny Houston
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Manny Houston

Manny sitting on brick wall.

About Manny

Since becoming a viral sensation as a rapper and singer on musical apps like Voisey and RapChat, Manny has been steadily building a loyal fan base that is anxiously awaiting the release of his music: Music filled with raw lyrics, introspective emotions, and soulful melodies.

An all-around creative from South Carolina, Manny is a well-studied musician and artist, very akin to Donald Glover and Kanye West in his creation. Though his main medium is Hip-Hop, Manny has his hands in all artistic and musical fields.

He has a degree in classical piano, has worked professionally as a musician since the age of seventeen and was last seen in the Off-Broadway show “Forbidden Broadway Next Generation”. Now he is diving fully into the world of Hip-Hop to bring together all his talents. With no album out, he’s managed to garner shoutouts from artists and execs, such as: Westside Boogie, Jacob Collier, Denzyl Fiegelson (CEO of Platoon) , and even managed to snag a deal with Snapchat for one of his first singles “Coupe”.

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